Enhance existing relationships and attract the right new members/customers by targeting relevant triggers and high profit potential. 

Obtain intelligence about your clients, competitors and markets faster than you ever would have thought possible.

  • Reach out to members/customers when they are ready to buy with marketing offers based on transaction analysis and behavioral analytics.

  • Analyze demographics and psychographic patterns to target those customers who are most likely to be interested in your content and offers.

  • Unlock hidden profit drivers through detailed profitability analysis of your accounts, members/customers, branches and products.

  • Define custom alerts that identify at risk relationships and take action to reduce attrition before it's too late.

  • Create deeper client relationships and retention rates, improve margins and increase market share.

Target Desirable Prospects & New Markets

Identify ideal target consumer and commercial business prospects in your markets and acquire those lists simply and inexpensively to export into your new client acquisition marketing program. Gain detailed data analytics about consumer demographics and businesses opportunities across existing and new growth markets.

Matrix Benefits & Behavioral Trigger Marketing

Our Turnkey Matrix Program MatrixEdge™ combines simplified rapid onboarding with automated trigger-based behavioral targeting. That ensures you engage your targeted segment clients (and prospects) with relevant and timely personalized content, guidance and services they need immediately -- while enhancing user experiences, loyalty and profitability.


We make onboarding and behavioral targeting easy by automating customized triggers to segments using our turnkey data management tools. That dynamic messaging lets you focus on crafting the right lifestyle content to the right client, at exactly the right time.

You'll only offer solutions and products clients need that are relevant to their lives that enhance their brand experiences.

Trigger Marketing

We'll help you prioritize a customized series of predictive triggers, offer rules and campaign flow around which profitable products, channels and services to cross-sell based on account events, behavioral and lifestyle triggers and qualifications, using behavioral targeting events and predictive modeling.

Priority target lists and reports for email, DM and SMS text are automatically generated and delivered, freeing up your time while ensuring you keep your customers engaged and informed.

Metrics & ROI

Finally, we'll analyze your database to help you build a set of predictive triggers and actions to deliver timely, relevant information, offers and campaigns to help your members bank smarter, optimize online and mobile channel usage, while increasing their share of wallet and retention. Our system provides you timely financial results and dashboard tracking of responses and ROI measures of revenues and performance increases.

Behavioral Trigger Events

  • Online banking candidate

  • Stopped using debit card

  • Apply for loan increase

  • LOC not utilized

  • 1st NSF on Checking

  • New Checking (no online banking)

  • Over limit on credit card

  • High liquid deposit balance

  • Large savings withdrawal

  • Overdraft protection

Key Retention & Loyalty Building Triggers for Personalization

  • Funding house

  • Financial education for kids

  • First car loan; credit card

  • Quantify annual savings

  • Helping grow your business

  • Financial wellness guidance, advice

  • Building a Personalized Financial Plan

  • Assigned to a Personal Advisor

  • Invitations to special events, networking

Analytics & Consulting

We blend advanced analytics, customized research and behavioral data into expert consulting and targeted marketing strategies to help you make savvy business intelligence decisions that increase performance and growth.

Savvy Personalized Digital Marketing Platform

Armed with predictive data and rich digital content, we can elevate your marketing capabilities with advanced marketing technologies to deepen relationships and add value to enrich user experiences and focus interactions.