We turn complex data into advanced analytics, dashboards and business intelligence, to help clients make adaptive decisions that increase performance, market share and profits.

Access to timely performance information in today’s dynamic financial marketplace has become mission critical. Leaders need data analytics in a single, unified, multi-dimensional view of business performance, competitive challenges, client relationships and metrics.

BancTrac Solutions is a data warehouse and analytics firm located outside Boston, MA. For 16 years we’ve provided banks and credit unions from $250 million – $10 billion with an integrated suite of database tools, business intelligence dashboard reports, profit models, behavioral and predictive triggers and targeted marketing that deepens relationships and increases performance.

In 2018, BancTrac combined forces with industry-leading financial consultancy Strum, with offices in Seattle and Atlanta, to provide a diverse array of data analytics capabilities, strategic growth planning and marketing consulting, digital target marketing and transformational branding programs.

BancTrac Joins Seattle-Based Strum


We've joined forces with one of the largest business consulting, creative and brand strategy firms in the nation to expand our services.

The Personalization of Data Builds Brand Loyalty and Profit


Being all things to all people is stifling many financial institutions' ability for achieving market distinction, tailored brand experiences, digital evolution and personalization.

Three Tactics to Best Utilize Data and Behavioral Analytics


Data and analytics generated by the customer provide a valuable blueprint for how to engage that customer in the future.

BancTrac has been a valuable partner in helping us grow our analytical capabilities. It provides us with crucial information to segment our customers and identify behavioral triggers and relationship growth opportunities. We are making smarter, better informed decisions because of what we’ve learned.
— Strategic Insights Leader, $5B Northeast bank