Marketing Intelligence, Behavioral Triggers and Profitability in one easy to use desktop MCIF platform.

Onboarding and trigger-based enhanced MCIF marketing system helps increase loyalty, user experiences and bottom line results and revenues.

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Simple Desktop Data Analytics Interface & Dashboards: Our enhanced mcifEdge™ data warehouse gives users a 3-Touch Answer solution and instant access to vital member/customer data insights in dashboards. Frictionless and simple customized SQL query capabilities help identify loan and deposit opportunities to increase revenues and expand online banking channel usage.

Our data warehouse integrates structured data from the core, as well as unstructured data from credit card, mortgage, investment, insurance sources, allowing users to conduct robust product portfolio analytics to identify valuable relationship building opportunities. Our algorithms and data models help identify new profit sources, segment relationships at risk and branch performance analytics.

  • Who and where are your greatest opportunities for growing new mortgages? HELOC’s? Credit cards?

  • Which members are at greatest risk of leaving which hold the largest balances?

  • Mirror your most profitable customers with targeted prospect marketing and lead lists.

Behavioral Trigger Marketing, Onboarding & Customized Matrix System: With our MatrixEdge™ platform, we’ll help you build a customized Campaign Flow and Triggers to generate powerful loan, deposit and Onboarding marketing results and enhanced relationships. We append your members/customers with highly accurate demographic and lifestyle big data to enhance their experiences, and your targeting accuracy to meet their needs.

Leverage our customizable trigger event “rule-sets” (with 40+ pre-built triggers) to help increase profitable cross-selling and decrease costly “churn” rates with early detection of valuable “at-risk” relationships.

  • Which key profitable products are your segments about to purchase next?

  • Which segment relationships are creating the highest value? Destroying value?

Custom Profit Modeling System (ProfitTrac): Relationship-driven transfer pricing profit model link custom rule-sets and algorithms to define and shape better performance and ROI analytics.

  • What percent of members/customers are profitable? Unprofitable? Branches?

  • What are your top 5% of clients generating in profits? Which ones are losing you the most profits?

Automated List Manager for Relationship Matrix Marketing: Users can easily create fully automated customer lists for highly targeted marketing (Email; direct mail; phone lists).

Metrics & ROI Calculator: Automatically tracks and calculates cross-sell campaign and onboarding results, while showing key revenue metrics; open and response rates and ROI success metrics in simple to access reports.

  • Which clients responded to your targeted content marketing; what did they purchase (vs. control groups); what balances; what ancillary products.

  • What was the net contribution margin and ROI of your targeted marketing and onboarding programs?

Prospect Targeting & Marketing: Manage and leverage our pre-built lists of highly targeted consumer and business/commercial prospects for new client growth and product marketing.

  • Who are your ideal future prospect segments? Where do they live?

  • What products are they most likely to purchase?