We build integrated and comprehensive data warehouses that place vital market and competitor big data, with customer/member and prospect information in the hands of key decision makers.

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Many financial institutions lack a robust, integrated data warehouse that captures and links the wide range of critical structured and unstructured data that resides in systems completely disconnected or inaccessible.  We solve that issue by creating a robust, linked set of databases from client data, 3rd party sources, transactional and channel data that can be easily viewed and shared among leaders to drive critical decisions, deepen relationships and enhance market performance.

By combining a rich set of demographic, psychographic, competitive and financial market big data, our data mining technologies deeply improve knowledge of your members/customers, market intelligence and profitability insights into vital consumer and business prospects and metrics to evaluate organizational performance. 

BancTrac generates very useful client marketing information and has exceeded our expectations and ongoing success.
— $1.2 billion east coast community bank

Enhanced Data Warehouse capabilities and functionality

  • Customized transfer pricing profitability model built to analyze account, product, household and branch profitability impacts using algorithms and rich data sets.

  • Appended Big Data: demographics, lifestyle/psychographic segments, competitive branch data, business and commercial data, financial market data.

  • Consumer and business prospect data and lists for targeting and acquisition.

  • Geo-coding of households for detailed thematic and heat mapping of targets, markets, branches and prospects. .

We enhance our clients customer data and information as well as delivering vital prospect information for targeting and new client acquisition to improve your ROMI - return on marketing investment. 

Thematic & Heat Maps for Hyper Localization

Geo-coded Data & Market Mapping
With embedded and customizable mapping capabilities, you save time not exporting customer information to external map applications. You can display customer, prospect, branch, competitors and new market maps instantly to help answer critical market issues.