The key to optimizing overall branch network performance and finding optimal future site locations is through big data, member/customer & prospect profiling, geo-demographic analysis, break-even analysis and competitive market analytics.

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The last time you tried to evaluate the performance of a branch location, or contemplated a new branch was the decision based on gaps in your market coverage and a Realtors "best site options available?" Was it based on instinct or on your teams intuition about strong future growth markets?

Or was it driven by accurate big data market analytics; projected loan and deposit potential; break-even analysis and profit forecasts; competitive saturation trends; identifying profitable targeted lifestyle segments and 5-year forecast of growth potential? Having analyzed thousands of declining, shrinking and unprofitable branches the past 18 years, we've learned how vital data analytics, competitive market evaluation and market scoring algorithms are critical to drive successful brick and mortar investments -- as well as the timing and closures of underperforming assets.

Our Branch Optimization Strategies & Market Assessment is a comprehensive package including market scoring algorithms, thematic heat maps, rich lifestyle and demographic target audience insights. We utilize our customized break-even analysis to identify your rate of return, and combine that with competitive trends that give you a clear understanding of the market potential surrounding you and the prioritized decisions needed each year to ensure multi-year performance and profitable market share growth.