Case Study: Reducing Attrition and Churn While Increasing Profits



We helped a $1B commercial bank identify that 3% of their most profitable households accounted for 25% of total profit but were at high risk as they only used only a single service. The bank wanted to strengthen their relationship and improve retention with these households by marketing additional deposit and loan products to them.


To deepen existing high value client relationships and increase retention levels.


Based on historical usage, 888 households were targeted and segmented into specific marketing campaigns. A series of targeted marketing content was mailed to them over a 3-month period.


In the 3-month test period, the targeted households opened over $1.8m in new deposit accounts and $7.7M in new loans generating $115,000 in total net profit. Most importantly, the onboarding program generated and moved 30% of single service households to multi-service households, thereby reducing the risk of attrition.